Hey, I’m Phoebe!

Welcome to my corner of the internet 🙂 I’m a British-Australian freelance writer currently based in Stockholm. From ex-law grad to ex-barber to reformed chocolate-covered hazelnut addict, I’ve worn many hats in my lifetime. But above all, I’m a cultural critic with a hunger for exploring a diverse range of topics through my writing.

Whether I’m dissecting the latest pop culture phenomenon, delving into trending legal news, or offering my take on lifestyle and entertainment, I take pride in my ability to write about anything and everything. My past work has focused on everything from social and racial justice to women’s rights and conflict-related sexual violence, and I’m always up for a challenge when it comes to tackling complex information; I’m adept at turning it into bite-sized chunks.

As a seasoned traveller who’s lived in the UK, France, Sweden, and Australia, I bring a wealth of worldly experience and knowledge to my work. So whether you’re looking for a quick TL;DR or a deeper dive into a topic, I’ll provide the thought-provoking insights and engaging writing that will keep you coming back for more.